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Lawn Aeration

Helping Your Lawn

Lawn aerating on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do for your turf. Lawn aeration service removes thousands of plugs (or cores) of soil and thatch from your lawn. As the ¾-inch x 3-inch cores are removed, nutrients, water and, most importantly, oxygen are able to enter the openings where the lawn’s root system can immediately access them. This encourages a thicker, fuller root system for stronger growth. The important final result is that your lawn becomes thicker, greener, has less thatch and holds up to hot, dry weather better than before.

Aeration is almost mandatory in regions with highly compacted soils such as clay. It should be done annually to help your lawn reach its full potential.  Here at Lawn Care Maven, LLC we are here to help your lawn be the best it can be.